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Policies & Procedures

INITIAL CONTACT: This is the very first step to having Go Away Pet Sitting take care of your pets. You may reach us through our website forms, phone or email. Our goals are to determine the location for pet sitting service (10 mile radius of West York) and what your pet sitting needs might encompass. We will need to get your contact numbers as well as information specific to your pet(s). Then it's time to set-up 30 minutes to meet for your personal, private in home CONSULTATION.

CONSULTATION: Before a pet sitting visit can take place, we will schedule your initial meeting.  This is a time for pets, pet sitter and owner to get acquainted and get a tour of your pet's feeding, walking (leash), playing (toys), hiding areas.  At this time, obtain keys and answer questions.  Your CONSULTATION is complimentary.

IMMUNIZATIONS: For your protection and ours, it is our policy that all pets that we are caring for are current on all their immunizations. Pennsylvania law requires that all owned dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies by three months of age. 

ID TAGS: All dogs should be wearing their tags while are under our care for their protection.

CATS: We require that cats are provided with daily visits for their own protection.

SAFETY: As a safety measure, if you are traveling or have been out of town overnight, we request that you contact us by phone call or text message indicating that you have safely returned and our responsibility is over. If we do not receive this communication from you by your expected return date/time, we will try to reach you by phone. If we cannot reach you to confirm that you have safely returned home, we will continue the routine care that was planned and mutually agreed upon for your pet until you do safely return home. This will be billed to you at your normal rate for service.

JOURNALS: After each visit the Go Away Pet Sitting assigned sitter will send a Journal of that visit. You will receive an email with a link to your Journal. You can also download the Precise Petcare App for easy access to your client portal/journals. Every effort will be made to send your Journal update as soon as possible following the completed visit however the update will be sent within 2 hours of the completed visit. In the event that something should occur that needs your immediate attention, advice or approval, you will receive a phone call unless other arrangements have been made.

RESERVATIONS: Please use the scheduling portal to schedule your visits. You will receive an email within 48 hours confirming we have accepted or declined your request for service. Do not assume because you requested service it will happen.  If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation from us, please contact us to make sure your request was received.


HOLIDAY SURCHARGE: Certain holidays will have an additional surcharge of $5 per visit added. Including the day before, these holidays are: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter,  Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. 100% of this charge goes to your sitter as a “Thank You” for spending time away from their families and working during the holidays. To book the holiday, you must pay in full.

LATE RESERVATIONS: There will be a $5 late booking fee for day-before or same-day requests.  100% of this fee goes to your sitter as a “Thank You” for the accommodations. 


KEYS: You can have us return your keys after the visits have been completed or have us keep them for you for future service. We ask that either way, you have (2) two keys available during the Consultation. If you would like us to pick up keys at the first visit and return them after the visits have been completed, please provide us with a secure place to retrieve and leave the keys. We would prefer not to lock keys in the house at the last visit just in case you cannot get back in time and we may need to come back to perform additional visits for your pets. If you would like us to keep your keys on file for future service, we will need to collect 2 (two) keys to your home for our visits at the consultation. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURE. One key is for the pet sitter that will be coming to your home and one is a backup key that will be kept locked in our office for any unexpected emergencies such as your pet sitter being sick or late due to traffic, etc.

Please note that if you do not provide keys and only provide us with garage or electronic codes to enter your home and there is a power outage that prevents us from entering to care for your pets, you will still be charged for the visit. Additional visits after power is restored will be billed at your pet sitting rate.

PAYMENT OPTIONS & REQUIREMENTS: To book the holiday, vacation visits and overnight stays, you must pay in full in order to be scheduled Payment for services is requested to be made in full and in advance of all scheduled pet visits. You will be sent a confirmation email.  We accept most debit and credit cards, checks and cash.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We understand that you may need to cancel your scheduled pet visit and will be happy to cooperate with you on this issue. Please let us know as quickly as possible so that we can make our plans accordingly and effectively. 

Overnight Stays and Vacation Visits (NOT daily dog walks or holidays): To book the holiday, you must pay in full. If you cancel 28 days prior to your scheduled visits you will receive a full refund,  14 - 27 days 50%, 13 days or less no refund.


Daily Dog Walks and Potty Breaks: Please notify us as soon as you know your plans have changed.  Cancellations should be made by 9am. If we are en route to your home or you are home when we arrive for scheduled service, no refund will be given. 

Holidays:  A full refund will be given 28 days prior to the first visit, no refund will be given within 28 days.

NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN IF YOU RETURN HOME EARLY. We have rearranged our schedules (family events, vacations, appointments, other pet visits) to be available for you, please respect our commitment to you. Depending on the circumstances, we might give credit towards future visits, but that will be assessed case by case.

ACCESS TO YOUR HOME BY OTHERS: If you allow any other persons (family members, neighbors, housekeepers, etc) access to your home during GAPS contracted periods, we cannot be held liable for any damages to property or pets. Please notify us if someone will be in your home during our scheduled visits. Also notify the person in your home to anticipate a pet sitter entering.

AGGRESSIVE PETS/BITERS POLICY: It is the responsibility of all pet owners, spouses or informed parties to inform Go Away Pet Sitting during Consultations, Profile Creation and/or at any time after any occurrence of pet aggression and/or attacks, (including attempted biting) where any other animals, children or adults had any potential involvement, (in writing). Please contact the office via email at least 72 hours before you want to schedule service.    

We reserve the right to refuse any Aggressive or Uncontrollable Pets for bookings.

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