Go Away Pet Sitting

I started informally pet sitting when I was 13 years old for my neighbor in Tomstown, PA.  Dixie had two dogs, a cat, a parrot and an aquarium (there also might have been goats and chickens).  Dixie moved twice, staying in the Waynesboro, PA area and I continued to sit for her for the next 34 years.  I sat for others in the Waynesboro area, but I always had a "day job", therefore, my pet sitting was more of a hobby.   The only reason I discontinued sitting was because I moved to Arizona and lived there for five years.  The last two years I was in AZ I started a pet sitting business (no other job) and loved it.  I had moved to AZ to be near my daughter, but in March 2016 she relocated to North Carolina.  It only made sense to me to be back on the east coast and be near family and friends and do what I love.  My expanding pet sitting service covers the York, PA Area and north through New Cumberland and Camp Hill.



Our pet caregivers are passionate about providing you with excellent service. We know the importance of providing your furry and

feathered companions with consistent care when you are away.

Each member of our team has been hand picked by Donna.   

For your peace of mind, we are insured and bonded.  

Donna Willard


RIP my sweet girl