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15 minute visit

This is perfect for the dog that simply needs to do their business, whether an oldie that can't wait or a puppy that is still learning.  Visit will last approximately 15 minutes.  $20.00 for one dog.  $2.50 for additional dogs. 

Overnight Stay

We have limited availability for overnight stays.

We arrive no later than 9:00 pm and leave no earlier than 7:00 am. 

You are encouraged to request your dates as soon as you have them confirmed.  Payment must be made at the time of booking to confirm your overnight dates.  We offer a generous cancellation policy.

$75 per night

30 minute visit

Our standard and most used service.  Depending on the needs of your dog(s) it can include a neighborhood walk, outside/inside play, fresh water, treats and food as requested.  Visits will last approximately 30 minutes.  $22.50 for one dog.  $2.50 for additional dogs.

Holiday Fees

 Drop-in visits will be an additional $5.00 per visit

Overnight stays will be an additional $20 per night.  

These fees go directly the sitter as a thank you for working the holiday.   

60 minute visit

50-60 minute visit is available for your high energy dogs or those with special needs,  maybe they need extra time to eat and go potty or need extra loving because of anxiety issues.  Visits will last at least 50 minutes.  $40 for one dog.  $2.50 for additional dogs.

Why your pup wants to stay home

They like being in familiar surroundings with smells and sounds that soothe them.  They like not being exposed to other dogs that could be carrying illnesses.  They like checking and delivering pee-mail on their familiar walk.  Humans can vacation, but pets like to stay-cation.